How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work, Featuring The 7 Points of Transformation


“I love this book! It’s a must read in my view.”

— Tom Emerick, Consultant, Writer, Author, former VP Global Benefit Design, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

In this groundbreaking book, Rosie Ward & Jon Robison challenge the status quo, and reveal fresh, new thinking about why workplaces have been stuck for decades when it comes to organizational and employee wellbeing.

Then they provide you a workable solution through their exclusive 7 Points of Transformation to build an organization that:

  • Engages your employees
  • Fosters innovation and creativity
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage
  • And frees, fuels and inspires your employees to bring their best selves to work each day

Every book comes with these FREE tools:

  • Workplace Culture Audit — gauge the health of your workplace & get tips for improving from Rosie and Jon.
  • Access to video series, The 7 Points of Transformation — 7 videos featuring an in-depth review of each point.


“I LOVE THIS BOOK! The authors connect the fields of health promotion and organizational development in a manner that is systematic, carefully considered and well researched. Read this book with an open mind and prepare to be challenged — this is not old wine in a new bottle. Written by two people who have walked the walk, Ward and Robison don’t mince words as they leave old paradigms behind. Integrating the most important elements of positive psychology and positive organizational thinking, their new approach is something the ‘wellness’ field has needed for a long time. Implement The 7 Points of Transformation and you will have a better business: an organization with a better culture and employees with greater wellbeing.”

— Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH, Professor and Director for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan School of Public Health

“A needed wake-up call for business. Ward and Robison don’t just challenge the status quo, they blow it to pieces with hard science and experience. Leaders who want to transform their workforce into a 21st-century powerhouse can start here.”

— Wendy D. Lynch, PhD, Author, “Who Survives? How Benefit Costs Are Killing Your Company”

“Rosie and Jon nailed it when it comes to identifying what’s wrong in today’s workplaces and providing the solutions that will allow organizations to not just survive, but thrive in the future. The duo is masterful in explaining the differences between the outdated, ineffective, existing approach to workplace culture and the new, necessary paradigm. Jon and Rosie back up their innovative ideas with hard facts and convincing arguments. By organizing their strategy into The 7 Points of Transformation, Jon and Rosie make it easy for individuals to digest the novel concepts and put them into action. This revolutionary book has the potential to positively shape the future of workplace cultures everywhere.”

— Sean Slovenski,CEO, Care Innovations – an Intel-GE Company

“Rosie Ward and Jon Robison give corporate leaders a great deal of food for thought about what it means to build organizational cultures that will withstand the tests of both time and the marketplace. It’s not about workplace wellness, but about the respect for, and wellbeing of, employees. Their guide is a highly useful roadmap for creating a culture of wellbeing.”

— Al Lewis and Vik Khanna, authors of “Surviving Workplace Wellness: With Your Dignity, Finances and Major Organs Intact”

“The number one issue modern executives face is creating a culture in which people can thrive, but the word culture has become a meaningless cliché… We get plenty of diagnoses, what we need is a solution… Ward and Robison show the way. Their insights are accurate; they have done the hard work of looking closely, digesting what they have seen and coming up with executable responses. I am totally impressed.”

— C. Stephen Byrum, PhD, President and CEO, Byrum Consulting Group

“As the founder and CEO of a 32-year-old firm that has been assisting organizations large and small to transform their workplace, I applaud the data-driven work of Ward and Robison in outlining what must be done. It’s not just about employee engagement, but rather designing a culture to provide the right environment for team members to be able to thrive. We’ve long known that the wellbeing of both employees and the organization are key, but Ward and Robison show us why, and how. Well done!”

— Gary Kushner,SPHR, CBP, Kushner & Company

“‘How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work’ is a book that had to be written.And it’s long overdue. For more than 30 years, workplace wellness managers and organizational development gurus have been trying to ‘fix’ what’s wrong with employees under the guise of health and productivity or population health management. It hasn’t worked. Ward and Robison lay out the reasons in clear and compelling detail. Even more important, they describe what companies can do to achieve a thriving culture in The 7 Points of Transformation. For business leaders who want a sustainable wellbeing model for their organization and their employees, this is your guide.”

— Dean Witherspoon, President and Founder, Health Enhancement Systems

“Great, great book! If you want your worksite culture to thrive, look no further. You are holding the answer here in your hands.”

— Brian Luke Seaward, PhD, Executive Director, Paramount Wellness Institute and bestselling Author, “Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water”

“The newest generation in the workforce has different expectations about work and their life at work. They require employers to deliver an ‘experience’ through their operating work culture. They are focused on what the organization can do for their career and the experience of what it’s like to be at work. Ward and Robison advise creating work cultures advocating for the wellbeing of employees. This type of organization will resonate strongly with this generation impacting their recruitment, retention and performance. Outdated cultures will not attract the best and brightest talent who we believe organizations are and will be competing for in the future. Organizations embracing The 7 Points of Transformation to build a thriving culture and work conditions supporting intrinsic motivation will have success retaining young professionals, as well as reap the rewards of their performance. All of us have always wanted to work in a culture supporting our wellbeing. This generation requires it… or they will move on.”

— Judy Anderson, Emerging Advantage, Inc.

“‘How To Build A Thriving Culture at Work’ is a must-read for employers who want to separate the best health promotion strategies from an overwhelming amount of choices, hype and bias. Drs. Ward and Robison’s The 7 Points of Transformation provide an actionable blueprint for improving the worksite environment.”

— Scott Foster, President, Wellco

“This book combines everything from quantum physics to chaos theory to frame a completely new strategy for workplace health. This is a practical and inspirational guide to transforming employee wellbeing.”

— Leah Binder, MA, MGA, President & CEO, The Leapfrog Group

“Company culture will be the business of business — Ward and Robison show you the what, why and how.”

— Josh Levine, Co-Founder, CultureLabX

“Workplace wellness is rapidly changing from a bio-medical model to an organizational culture model. In reality, the field is returning to one of its important roots — organizational development. What better guides to this much needed approach than Rosie and Jon? These two accomplished wellness veterans have done it — read this book and see the future of worksite wellness.”

— Walter S. Elias, PhD, President, Elias & Associates, Inc.

“Drs. Robison and Ward present a well-written and groundbreaking narrative that should be mandatory reading for every middle and upper manager who truly wants to make a difference in their organization. They present a compelling case to integrate proven behavior change science into the workplace to create a thriving, positive and healthy environment. After being in this business since the beginning of the whole wellness concept, this approach is refreshing; the key to success and long overdue.”

— Susan W. Butterworth, PhD, MS, RHC-III, Principal, Q-consult, LLC

“A 21st-century approach to transforming the culture in your organization; this book will rock your world! Trying to teach stress management in an organization where the culture doesn’t support employee wellbeing is like trying to repair a broken leg with a band aid, it just won’t work. This book will show you how to change the culture first. Ward and Robison challenge old paradigms while suggesting new and better ones to take their place. I highly recommend it.”

— James E. Porter, President,, and Author of “Stop Stress This Minute”

“Through humorous quotes and a plethora of research wrapped around an analogy of building a house, Rosie and Jon share real-world examples and step-by-step guidance on how to extricate your wellness program from its black hole into the light where it may flourish. This book is packed with thought-provoking opportunities to question the status quo and consider the potential for real, long-lasting transformation. Ignore this book at your peril!”

— Michaela Conley, MA, MCHES, CEO, Founder, HPCareer.Net, LLC

“GOOD NEWS for OD practitioners and worksite health promoters alike!Ward and Robison have amassed and made accessible the science that explains what we’ve long intuited and experienced — that organizational and employee wellbeing are inextricably connected and must be addressed holistically! What’s more, they’ve gifted us a second time with a step-by-step blueprint for how we can work together to create a thriving workplace culture that supports both organizational and individual health. So what do you say? Let’s join forces and do this!”

— Kelly Putnam, MA, ACC, OD Practitioner, Director – Culture, Change & Engagement, CHE Trinity Health

“Those of us who have been in the corporate health field longer than we would like to admit are delighted to see such industry thought leaders as Drs. Ward and Robison shed light on the science behind human behavior and behavior change. We may not like what we see, and the emperor still doesn’t have clothes on, so it’s time the field stopped following the next shiny new thing such as incentives from ‘street-corner’ vendors and examined the solid thinking on intrinsic motivation (and put the principles to practical use in workplaces) so fittingly presented in this book. Every health promotion practitioner should be paying attention here.”

— Sandra Wendel, Health-e headlines, and Co-Author (with Dr. Edward Creagan of Mayo Clinic), “How Not to Be My Patient”

“It has been said that the truth is out there, well, Ward and Robison have found it! Prepare to have the foundation shook, the walls buckled and the roof torn off of your traditional employee wellness model. This is the first book that explores the ‘truth’ about worksite wellness, and offers a transforming blueprint for establishing and building a culture of wellbeing that your employees will call home.”

— Dennis Martell, PhD, Director of Health Promotion, Michigan State University and Co-Author of the award-winning book “Effective Health Risk Messages”

“It was a pleasure reading this book. I agree completely with the philosophy, and hope companies start to shift towards this model. Understanding the value of the employee experience is key to moving organizations forward. In the 21st century, employees will flourish with autonomy and empowerment. The 7 Points of Transformation are the tools available for companies to make this change.”

— Judith Kolish,RD, LDN, CDE, Health Care Service Corporation dba BCBS of IL, TX, OK, NM, MT

“Finally, a book that provides ‘the elixir of life’ for traditional wellness programs! Ward and Robison provide an intriguing and thought provoking work that is perfectly timed. This is a must-read for Human Resources professionals, CEOs and all organizational leaders. With The 7 Points ofTransformation, they have captured the essence of where traditional wellness strategies become ineffective, and have pioneered a new way of thinking about wellbeing, that will transform and position organizations for the future.”

— Bernadette Harrow, MPA, HR Management Consultant, Albony LLC

“A definitive book tackling a timely issue recently raised only in many other forms of media to date. ‘How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work’ asks the right questions, and provides reasoned and supported answers and suggestions that should motivate most current paradigm professionals to take action to progress workplace health/wellness promotion into a new era of development and transformation.”

— Bob Boyd, OAM FACHPER LMQFHA S&LCNWI, MEnvn & ComH BHMS DipPE CWP CWPD, Director Wellness Communication Solutions and Wellness Constructs, President National Wellness Institute of Australia

“Ward and Robison have the audacity to point out what the research keeps telling us: worksite wellness in its traditional form is not working.We’re not reaching enough people, we’re implementing programs that produce short-term results and we’re resorting to coercive measures operating under the delusion that we can ‘get’ people to change. Ward and Robison persuasively argue that our current paradigm is out of date and in need of a reboot. We can do better. In seven concrete steps, this book lays out a plan for building a thriving culture to foster individual wellbeing. For those who are frustrated with a business-as-usual approach to wellness, this book is a must-read.”

— Laura Putnam,CEO, Motion Infusion

“From pedometers to purpose! From body fat measurement to meaning! Ward and Robison offer a revolutionary approach to individual and organizational wellbeing. This is a paradigm-shifting book that challenges the status quo and offers a refreshingly new approach to organizational health and employee wellness. The information in this book is grounded in the most up-to-date science and it provides valuable insight on what it truly takes to build an organizational culture where employees can thrive.”

— Carrie Phelps, PhD, Co-Founder, Intrinsic Connection LLC, Adjunct Professor, Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine

“‘How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work’ is an essential book for anyone interested in workplace wellbeing. Ward and Robison provide a devastating critique of outdated, traditional paradigms of health and wellness which covers extensive and fascinating scientific territory. They then provide an evidence-based, humane and ethical The 7 Points of Transformation plan for an entirely different approach to creating a workplace that is based on the values and principles of modern health promotion. This approach truly values employees and their integral role in enhancing organizational wellbeing.”

— Lily O’Hara, PhD, MPH, PGD Hlth Prom, Life Member of the Australian Health Promotion Association,Health Promotion Academic and Practitioner, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education, Emirates College for Advanced Education, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

“Ward and Robison hit a home run with this important new direction for corporate wellbeing endeavors! Their approach challenges traditional wellness and leverages deeper organizational effectiveness issues that make health matter. Without this insight, employers will miss tremendous opportunities to maximize their investments in wellbeing.”

— Brent Hartman,MPH, MCHES, Health Risk Management Practice Leader, IMA, Inc.

“I had an ‘aha!’ moment reading this book. Ward and Robison make the fuzzy concept of ‘healthy work culture’ crystal clear, and give you specific, science-based steps to take. Anyone who wants a truly great work environment will find this a terrific guide.”

— Linda K. Riddell, MS, Population Health Scientist, Health Economy, LLC

“Dr. Robison has been a trusted advisor and mentor for the past four years as we designed and implemented our wellbeing program. Based on my experience with Dr. Robison, it’s no surprise that he and Dr. Ward have written an outstanding book that gives you the foundation to understand organizational wellbeing AND individual wellbeing in terms of where we are, where we can go and how to get to a thriving culture. We learn how typical wellness programs look at employees as a liability, rather than an asset to be respected, nurtured and inspired, and as critical to the healthy development of culture and the success of the company. Let’s put an end to the coercion game and all thrive together!”

— Human Resources Manager,International Law Firm

“Using systematic analysis of available evidence, interspersed with compelling workplace scenarios to which we all can relate, Ward and Robison deconstruct the status quo of worksite wellness and workplace culture. They reveal common misconceptions and obfuscations. Most importantly, with The 7 Points of Transformation, they provide an accessible and well-tested solution for employers seeking to fulfill the potential of their organization and the people in it.”

— Bob Merberg, The Employee Wellness Network