About Salveo Partners, LLC

Our passion at Salveo Partners, LLC is helping organizations build thriving workplace cultures through a fusion of organizational development and employee wellbeing.

Salveo is the Latin word meaning to be well or to be in good health. Being “well” is not limited to eating nourishing foods and exercising; it encompasses so much more. Being “well” to us means that people are able to move towards living their life by design rather than by circumstances, by becoming more fully engaged in life – whether at work, play or anywhere in between.

We believe organizational and employee wellbeing are inextricably interconnected so that trying to promote employee wellbeing in an unhealthy work environment is like trying to swim upstream – exhausting and guaranteed to end up poorly. And we also believe that organizational wellbeing is not primarily about whether a company offers to pay for employees’ gym memberships or offers weight loss programs at work, but rather whether they create an atmosphere that frees, fuels, and inspires people to bring their best selves to work.

We offer consulting services, speaking engagements, and coaching that combines more than 50 years of experience in health, fitness, nutrition, coaching, intrinsic motivation, organizational development, and leadership training. We’re a diversified and dispersed team of people who are passionate about our craft, and work productively and independently for a shared vision of the future.

We train and prepare leaders in building thriving organizations that foster wellbeing, in order to recruit and retain talented people, improve productivity, foster creativity and job satisfaction, and to compete effectively in the world economy.

We also share, educate, and inform readers how to transform and transcend dated social and management constructs, and emerge as powerful and effective players across a wide variety of industries by building thriving cultures of wellbeing.